Office Nomads to open Seattle co-working space on Capitol Hill

By Dan McComb

Posted Thursday, October 25th, 2007

Tired of working in a crowded coffee shop, but can’t afford to rent an office of your own? Consider co-working. Seattle got it’s first co-working space, MyDayOffice, in September, where I’ll be hosting a Biznik happy hour on November 7. Now, Seattle is about to get it’s second co-working space on November 1, when Office Nomads co-founders Jacob Sayles and Susan Evans open a 5,0000 square foot space at 1617 Boylston Ave. Their tagline pretty much says it all: “Individuality without isolation.” If you’re one of the 20 million “personal businesses” identified in the last US Census, you’ll appreciate the freedom that comes with starting and running your own business … but are perhaps slightly less enthusiastic about the isolation that shadows your free enterprising ways. Co-working spaces aim to provide you a place where you can show up for work in an environment designed for work AND for community.

The new Office Nomads space will provide indie business types with a permanent desk, use of up to three conference rooms, full kitchen, T1 wireless network, office printer, and a key card allowing 24/7 office access for $475/month. If that number sounds like a lot, or you just want to use the space occasionally, you can rent a desk for $20/day.

I’m particularly excited about these two new spaces, because both of them are going to be great venues for hosting Biznik networking events and educational workshops. Despite the fact that Office Nomads hasn’t even opened its doors yet, John Martin and Biznik co-founder Lara Feltin have already scheduled an event at Office Nomads on November 20, Hosting Biznik Events – a great way to market yourself and your business. And MyDayOffice has been host to several events already.

Congratulations to Shauna, Jacob and Susan, and thank you for supporting Seattle’s indie business community by opening these spaces!

  • Mary Deaton

    MyDayOffice is not coworking; it is a traditional executive office space. Having private offices, a receptionist you can hire, paying more for extra services, is not the coworking way.

  • Dan McComb

    Good point, Mary, and having seen both venues, I would agree that the better way to describe MyDayOffice is “business center.” But it certainly has elements of co-working, too. I’m thrilled to see community features are being included in this new breed of workspace, whatever it’s called.