Video profile update

By Dan McComb

Posted Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

We’ve had a ton of complaints about the profile videos not working correctly. After much testing and thought, we’ve chosen to remove the video profiles altogether from Biznik profiles, temporarily. We are working on a much better replacement, which will allow you to embed and share videos, and much more. Rather than fix the old broken video system, we’re just eliminating temporarily until the new one is in place. Thanks for your patience.

PS. I’ve got some great news about our search for a software engineer that I’ll be able to announce shortly.

  • Chris Bonner

    Ok… I’m not going crazy. I was getting ready to put my video profile up this afternoon. I hunted around for the right one, played it to make sure it was the one I wanted to use, went back to biznik to upload it and…. no video profile. I hunted around thinking maybe it wasn’t where I thought it was, but it was no where to be found. So you must have taken it down between the time I first logged on to biznik and when I found my video on my hard drive. I’m glad to know it’s not early senility…

  • Dennis Dilday

    The video thing – which always worked fine for me – I watch mine all the time, just helps us all keep from getting too spoiled. We’re used to almost everything Biznik being right the first time, right now!

    Keep up the good work Dan, and I hope Lara is back to 100%.

  • Dan McComb

    We’re decided to support YouTube embedding in profiles, which means that you’ll soon be able to put a YouTube video onto your Biznik profile shortly.