By Matt Lawrence, Biznik Director of Community

Posted Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

I wish I conducted experiments. For some reason I forgot to mention that I thought experiments were cool to my high school counselor. I did mention I liked to watch movies and tell other people what was interesting about them, and I wanted to make them myself. So I was introduced to Mark Ferguson at Glenbrook South High School, and years later graduated with a documentary film degree from Columbia College Chicago.

If I could do it all over again, would I do it differently? Would it even be possible? Well, that would be one helluvan experiment itself.

Can you can be two places at once? Could you could be at the Hotel 1000 tonight listening to Warren Etheredge and Rom Brafman wax philisophic, and somewhere else at the same time?

The experiments in CLICK are great. There are lots of them. One is a great big auditorium of students engaged in an experiment that they had no idea they are participating in (enter me with big goggles with an under lit green hue behind a two way mirror–I would love it). All to find out how and why people click. The results are stunning.

In a way, Biznik is an experiment. We create a profile, engage in dialogue, share personal information with strangers, and eventually hope to learn something about ourselves and our world at the end of the day.

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