Best Biznik Articles of 2011

By Matt Lawrence, Biznik Director of Community

Posted Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Independent business owners from all over the world are publishing dead-on focused content in the form of articles on Biznik. Biznik curates them and releases them in a thoughtful and orderly fashion.

Having access to a curated selection of edited business articles is a big benefit for the author, frequently resulting in clients.

And clients are good. Except for when they are not. But even that is addressed in the Biznik article sections!

As these articles suggest, writing and also participating in the Biznik articles is hugely valuable use of time. I hope you enjoy these articles, or re-enjoy them as the case may be.

And if you write, consider publishing your content on Biznik. Notice what types of aricles have been most successful here:

  1. Articles that clearly state the authors perspective
  2. Articles that are casual and easy to read but are packed with great insight
  3. Articles that are timely with snappy (but not too snappy) titles.
  4. Check out a little piece I wrote which may help you formalize your thoughts. Think You’re a Melville?

If you submit something, and it is good, but just needs a little work, our editors will help you finalize it before circulation, because the whole community benefits from a well written article.

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The most read and commented article on Biznik in 2011 was A Groupon Tale: the parable of the Cobbler by Brian Crouch.

It was written during a time that Groupon was in its like fifth round of financing. He struck when the hammer was hot and it proved to be a very powerful for people.

Because Biznik members get the one to one relationship between client and profit that can exist, site like Groupon are difficult for some to grock. Though, as many commenters noted, it works for some business sometimes, but no matter what, there must be a plan implemented

An excerpt from the comments, “A brilliant way to explain the Groupon model. I was captivated by your story.” – Judy Dunn


Carolyn Higgins of Fortune Marketing Company


Carolyn Higgins has been on fire this year. She is funny, smart and offers a TON of awesome advice. Her easy to understand and implement business sense has definitely been a help to Biznik members this year. Her most read article of 2011 was 6 Things Every Business Owner Can Learn From Lady Gaga and the most commented on article , with 94 comments is Top 7 Reasons to Fire a Customer. I hope she continues to offer up articles for a long long time.

Here is an excerpt from the Lady Gaga article: Know your audience and connect– Lady Gaga knows her audience, she has a huge fan base of young and old who feel disconnected and disenfranchised in the world and she speaks to and connects with them in her music, her image and her interviews.  She moves them because she understands them so well.  Who are your “fans”/customers?  What moves them and what do you do to move them? What do you do on every levelto connect with them?


Galen Emanuele from The Upfront Theater

Not only is the article by  full of insight, so is the incredibly diverse and thoughtful discussion that follows. Galen’s was one of the top three most read and commented-on articles of 2011 with Stop wasting time marketing on social media like EVERYONE else. I think it shows the state at which many Biznik members are engaging at different social and interactive levels.

Here is a taste of what Galen has to say is found in a comment he made a week after publishing the article, “The point I will always go back to again and again is you’ve got to know what you’re using and what you’re using it for. You don’t catch lobsters the same way you catch a salmon even though they both live under water. If I see a bunch of people with fishing rods pulling up salmon into boats and I need a lobster, copying them by tossing a line into the water isn’t going to get me what I want.



  • Silvia Reed

    Congratulations to these incredible business people. Thank you very much for sharing your expertise. Kudos to Galen Emanuele. Here in Bellingham, WA he is quite a marketing expert and has definitely made The Upfront Theatre a great artistic hub for all of us.