4 snappy things Carolyn Higgins does when publishing Biznik articles

By Matt Lawrence, Biznik Director of Community

Posted Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Biznik is fortunate with the number of article submissions we get each day. Some days, the number of submissions is as high as 50!

What do we do with them all? To start with… we read and review every single one.*

*(Every single one that comes from authors with a photo of themselves on their profile. Afterall, if we’re not going to publish an article from an author without a photo, there’s no sense reviewing it.)

Then, our editors select the articles relevant to business for circulation in the main Articles section, and feature the ones that they believe the community will get the most benefit out of.

A perk of ProVIP membership is gold star treatment. ProVIP articles go to the top of the editorial queue. ProVIP articles also include a linked bio of the author (SEO mojo) and post signatures on their comments (more SEO mojo) — something that occurs throughout the site, not just on articles. (It’s the post signatures that yield a ton of traffic to the authors’ own business websites.) And then I tweet the shining nuggets from ProVIP articles and put them on the Facebook wall.

To round it out, a weekly Hot Sheet of the articles circulated that week getting the most views and comments.

I try to space out articles by authors so that their best articles are not stacked on top of each other – but when an author is as successful as Carolyn Higgins, there is not much I can do.

Every once and a while this happens:

It’s not that Carolyn publishes too much – it’s just that when she does, she knocks it out of the park. And when an article does well, it continues to do so.

Here’s a peek at what Carolyn does well:

1. Her articles have snappy – but not too cute – titles

2. She is succinct and has a focused audience

3. Her formatting is easy to read

4. Most important of all: her writing is easy to understand and is packed with valuable content.

Congratulations on your success here, Carolyn – and thank you for your dedication to small business success and this community. With articles this popular, it’s obvious that they are helping a lot of people.

  • http://biznik.com/members/matt-lawrence Matt Lawrence, Biznik Community Manager

    Oh – not to mention, that Carolyn is working with a non-profit to help get people back to work and upgrade the energy efficiency of their homes in Suisun California.


  • http://www.theartofonlinemarketing.com Adrianne Machina

    Carolyn is a rock star! Smart. Capable. Lots of common sense. We belong to some of the same marketing groups, and she always has something great to contribute. Go Carolyn!

  • http://www.fortunemarketingcompany.com Carolyn Higgins

    Hey Biznik (Matt),

    You guys have been such a great business partner. I can’t tell you how great joining Biznik has been for my business – and all the exposure I get from my articles has been amazing. I got 10 new sign-ups for my newsletter today alone – and a request for a consultation. Can’t beat that!

    I would add a #5 to your list of what I do right: As marketer, I promote the heck out of the articles you publish. And every time one is highlighted or featured, I tell the world (well my Facebook and Twitter worlds anyway). So not only do I publish my article on Biznik, but I promote it here as well. It’s win-win situation, my article gets read more and Biznik gets the exposure and traffic it deserves!

    So thank you for the support and encouragement. I appreciate your partnership.

    And thank you so much for helping me promote my newest project: reducing greenhouse gases, saving energy, and putting people back to work!

    Biznik rocks!!!